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What is the difference between shoe lifts and height increasing insoles?

We are often asked: “what is the difference?” and “which do you recommend?” In this article we will address this question. Firstly the heel lifts that we sell are made of gel silicone. They consist of only a heel and fit snugly inside your shoe. The advantage of our heel lifts is that they are … Continue reading

What are heel lifts?

Heel lifts are often wedge shaped and are placed inside shoes. The function of heel lifts is adding elevation under either one or both of the feet. The most common use of heel lifts is for therapy for leg length differences that can cause knee and back pain. Heel lifts can all so be used to reduce pressure on … Continue reading

About orthotic insoles

If you suffer from foot pain from either the arch, ankle  heel or the ball of your foot then wearing orthotic insoles can really make a difference to you! Did you know that by wearing orthotic insoles you can reduce and ease the pains in your feet really quite fast? Why suffer? Why not buy a pair and see how … Continue reading

Prevent foot problems in later life thanks to orthotic gel insoles

3D gel insoles help to absorb damaging energy and pressure that you foot may go under when standing or walking, also 3D gel insoles help to spread the pressure from off your heel and spread it around your foot. It is important to understand that your feet are made up of many different and fragile … Continue reading

Average Height in Sport

Just for fun here are some cool and interesting statistics detailing the average height of athletes in different sports. In the NBA the average basketball player is 6ft 6.98 and weighs 221 pounds (2007-08) season. However there are some interesting trends occurring since the 1985-86 season. In 1985 the average basketball player was 6ft 7.36 … Continue reading

The 3 step guide to getting taller

If you are searching for a way (or ways) to get taller then look no further you have found our website and rest assured by reading this you will find out how to get taller easily without much effort at all. No matter who you are, young, old, small or tall you can increase your … Continue reading