5 Dietary tips for maximum height increase during your growth years

If you are looking to gain height then a healthy and nutritious diet is a must. Here are some rules through which you can plan a diet for height gain.

1) Eat small meals every 3 hours. During your growth years it is important to eat well. Eating every 3 hours is beneficial because it increases your metabolism and provides a steady amount of nutrients throughout the day which your body uses for growth. If you leave it too long between meals you will increase the stress hormone cortisol which will act to reduce human growth hormone levels.

2) Avoid processed food as much as possible. Processed food or food that is far removed and different to how it would be found in the wild is usually devoid of nutrients and contains mostly ‘empty’ calories. Too much of the wrong sugars and fats will cause inflammation and increase cortisol and thus reduce important growth hormones. The insulin response to simple sugars found in such food is a potent weapon against human growth hormone. You don’t want out of control insulin levels. Out of control insulin can lead to insulin resistance and fat gain as well.

3) Ensure adequate protein intake. Generally bodybuilders swear by 1g per pound of body mass and I think this is a good benchmark to aim for. Protein contains amino acids that are the basic building blocks for vital hormones and tissue in the body. Protein is best found in meats such as chicken, fish and beef. If you can’t get all your protein from your meats then it is ok to supplement with whey protein.

4) Dairy is good for you! Drink that milk and eat some cheese. Be careful though because if you are lactose intolerant it can mean dairy can result in too many trips to the toilet. Dairy is good because it contains protein, fats and calcium. Fats are used in creating anabolic hormones that are needed for growth. Calcium is needed for strong bones. If you are going to be tall then you obviously need some calcium.

5) Keep adequately hydrated. Some estimates say 79% of body weight is water. Water is vital for so many cellular processes. 8 glasses a day is a good starting point.

These are some rules you can take with you to plan a height increasing diet. If you are looking for a more instant solution to your height needs then you should consider height increasing insoles. You can find height increasing insoles on this website, click here to find out more about the products we sell.