About shoe inserts and shoe lifts

Shoe inserts (insoles) can be removed in and out of your shoes quickly and efficiently. Insoles can provide a number of different purposes that could be either for comfort when wearing shoes, heel, foot and joint pain relief from injuries, arthritis or just by overuse of your feet either by standing or walking for long periods of time, also the insoles provide smell reduction, enhanced athletic performance, orthopaedic correction, correcting leg length discrepancy and finally you can even increase your height with some insoles.

this is a shoe lift

You can buy many different orthopaedic insoles (orthotics) for the purpose of helping to ease pain and realigning your feet. Orthotic insoles usually have arch support functionality for flat feet, this will help ease any pain the wearers maybe having.

Orthotic insoles can come in a wide range of different names according to the type of medical condition they help. (examples: arch support, Plantar Fasciitis, and Achilles Tatius.

Shoe lifts

Shoe lifts or height increasing insoles are a form of insole that can be quickly inserted in your shoe providing you with a instant height increase. Shoe lifts first came about after the manufacturers needed an alternative to elevator shoes a expensive, and inefficient way of providing people with height increase. With elevator shoes you where stuck with only one pair of shoes and many people at the time could not afford elevator shoes plus elevator shoes where made out of uncomfortable materials which made wearing them uncomfortable and could actually damage your feet as the elevator shoes did not provide the right support for your feet, elevator shoes where only for the rich and where not really accessible for the masses. But with shoe lifts people would be able to easily swap the shoe lifts from their different pairs of shoes easily, quickly and comfortably and compared to elevator shoes, shoe lifts are affordable at one tenth of the price of a pair elevator shoes.

Shoe lifts can also be adjusted by height by a number of ways. Some shoe lifts can be adjusted in height by the use of layers where you can add or take away layers to add to your height whereas other shoe lifts can be adjusted by other means.
Shoe lifts can be bought in a range different heights and sizes to meet anyone’s needs or requirements. The height you can gain from wearing shoe lifts ranges from around 0.5-2.5 inches. It is not advised however to wear shoe lifts that increase your height by more than 3 inches as these shoe lifts can be uncomfortable. But if you want to increase your height more than 3 inches then it might be a good idea to wear height increasing insoles and to do height increasing exercises as well.

You can buy shoe lifts online made from a wide range of different materials however it is best to get shoe lifts that have been made out of either foam, silicone gel, or rubber as these materials are durable, tough and have shock absorbing qualities to help protect and prevent injuries to your foot. Shoe lifts made out of gel tend to be the most expensive but the most comfortable to wear. The shoe lifts are generally made out of light weight materials so not to weigh down the wearers foot when walking.

It is also important to note that shoe lifts have to be discrete. So they are generally designed to be small and well hidden inside the bottom of your shoes so nobody can tell you are wearing shoe lifts.

There can be a lot of confusion with the different names that shoe lifts are called, you may hear them being referenced to as height increasing insoles, heel lifts, lift kits elevator shoe inserts, but they are all mostly the same product but with a different name but heel lifts do differ slightly as heel lifts are specially designed for those with different leg lengths.

You can buy different shoe lift insoles to fit into any shoes you have. Most insoles will be able to fit into most shoes you have but in some cases you may need to have them custom made if you have any special requirements such as your shoes being designed different to the conventional.
You can also buy insoles in different types such as full insoles and half insoles.

Full insoles have the primary aim of sporting the entire foot. These insoles are generally the most comfortable to wear.

Half insoles Have been designed to specially support the heel part of the foot.