What are the advantages of being taller?

What are the advantages of being taller?

Tall people do enjoy many advantages. If you are a man then you know you stand a much better chance of attracting that girl you like if you are tall or at least taller than she is.  Taller people are perceived to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Stereotypically men like leggy blondes and women like tall dark and handsome men.

Also taller people seem or at least appear to be more dominant, trust worthy and even competent. If you are applying for a job, often the tallest person will get that job. Taller people earn more and are often promoted much more quickly.

Let us consider one of the highest profile and high powered jobs you can get: being an elected leader of your country. The prime minister of the UK is David Cameron and he is 6ft 1 which is above the UK average of 5ft 10. Barack Obama the President of the USA is 6ft 1 and the average height in the USA is 6ft. Above average men seem to get the best jobs.

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“We like our presidents tall, it seems. And now researchers think they know why, saying leftover caveman instincts draw us toward strong and mighty (or tall) leaders who we view as able to protect us.

Murray, along with Texas Tech graduate student J. David Schmitz, credited the “presidential height index” — a popular observation that taller candidates have won 58 percent of U.S. presidential elections between 1789 and 2008 — as piquing their interest in the role that height plays in leader selection.

“Culture and environment alone cannot explain how a preference for taller leaders is a near-universal trait we see in different cultures today, as well as in societies ranging from ancient Mayans, to pre-classical Greeks and even animals,” Schmitz said. For instance, past research based on skeletal measurements collected from pre-classical Greek and ancient Mayan excavations suggests that “political control” was associated with greater physical stature, the researchers write in the Oct. 18 issue of the journal Social Science Quarterly. And studies on animals ranging from chimpanzees and gorillas to African elephants and even some birds suggest height can serve as a cue of an opponent’s strength and power.”

–          Quoted from livescience

It seems that it is ingrained in our DNA to seek tall leaders. Leaders are those people that are successful in life so it seems to get ahead in life you need to be tall. We are not saying you can’t be small, successful and attractive – look at Tom Cruise! However being tall sure can help!

How can I get tall?

If you want to enjoy some of the advantages enjoyed by taller people then we recommend you purchase our height increasing insoles by clicking here. Height increasing insoles are simple and easy to use and provide you with a quick boost to height as well as confidence. They are discreet as no-one will be able to tell you are using them and easily adjustable.

We also recommend a program of stretching and exercise as well as a healthy diet. An optimal exercise and diet regime can be used to maximise your potential height. Also it is advised that you sleep well. Human growth hormone is the vital hormone needed for height gain and this is produced in its highest quantities at night time. Those that skip sleep will find themselves depleted of human growth hormone and will not grow to an optimal height.