Average Height in Sport

Just for fun here are some cool and interesting statistics detailing the average height of athletes in different sports.

In the NBA the average basketball player is 6ft 6.98 and weighs 221 pounds (2007-08) season. However there are some interesting trends occurring since the 1985-86 season. In 1985 the average basketball player was 6ft 7.36 and he weighed 214 pounds. From this data we can see that basketball players are slowly getting smaller and weighing more.
The tallest basketball player in history was Gheorghe Muresan, the Romanian was a towering 7ft 7 and he weighed 315lbs. That is not to say that you have to be tall to make it in NBA as Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues was only 5ft 3 inches tall and weighed 132lbs. The American actually played on the same side as Muresan and the second tallest NBA player in history Manute Bol.
What about the NFL? The average weight in the NFL has gone up by 10% since 1985 and now average 248 pounds. Most football players are over 6 feet tall. The average NFL quarterback is 6 foot 3 inches tall.
The fastest runner in the world is Usain Bolt and he is 6ft 5. His weight is around 210lb. His long legs allow him to take longer strides than his competitors, add to that the power that his legs generate in downwards force and you get a runner who cannot be caught easily.
Having said all this height is not everything in sport. Whilst the bigger frame can translate into speed and power in other sports height can be somewhat of a disadvantage. In soccer tall and powerful players are preferred however Spain have demonstrated that superior technique can be devastating against their opponents. Spains average height 5ft 10 in the World Cup. Significantly smaller than their rivals. Lionel Messi is 5ft 6 and yet he is regarded the best player in the world. His small size suits his playing style as his lower centre of gravity allows him better control of the ball.
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