Genetics for the most part determine how tall you are going to be however you can keep growing well into your early twenties. To grow to the maximum height allowed by your genetic potential it is advised that you follow a certain diet.
In order to grow tall your bones need to lengthen, these bones need calcium. Make sure to eat a diet that contains plenty of calcium rich food such as that found in dairy products for example cheese and milk. Add to that plenty of cruciferous vegetables – rich in vitamins for optimal hormonal health.

Certain vitamins control calcium absorption within the intestines. Vitamin D for example is a precursor of a hormone known as calcitriol which increases the absorption of calcium. Vitamin C is another vital hormone in the regulation of calcium levels within the blood by increasing calcium absorption but also preventing calcium from being leeched from bones and teeth. Leeching of calcium from healthy bone may be a contributing factor to osteoporosis.

Protein is found within meats such as chicken, beef and fish and is another vital building block. Protein is made up of individual amino acids that are used to regulate hormones, carry red blood cells and maintain bodily tissues. Certain amino acids such as l-glutamine and l-arginine are known precursors to vital growth hormones that enable people to grow in stature.

In conclusion, if you are under 21 there is still hope for you yet! You can change your diet, you can start stretching and you can start exercising in a way that will force your body to grow taller naturally. However if you are over 21 our advise to you would be to forget it. At best you may be able to increase your height by about half an inch if you follow a perfect regime. However it is not guaranteed you will gain even this much height if any. Your best bet would be to use height increasing insoles like the ones sold on this website. They are easy to use, comfy and discreet and will lead to instant height gain of up to 2 inches.

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