Get that date using height increasing shoe lifts

Everybody knows that women prefer tall men. There have even been scientific studies on this phenomenon:

In the study; Gillis and Avis in 1980 – only 2 couples from 720 contained a pair in which the man was shorter than the woman. In Hensley (1994) he concluded most women preferred a man who was 6ft tall. In Cameron (1978) he found most women prefer a man who is around 4 inches taller than themselves.

Why do women prefer taller men? It may be because they seem more masculine. In a study by Melamed in 1992 it was found that taller men are perceived to be more dominant and assertive. From a evolutionary biological standpoint it may be that larger men are more able to provide as well as pass stronger genes on to the children. Tallness also seems to be rewarded by society in general. Women may feel ‘protected’ and thus more feminine alongside a partner who is taller than them. In the study by Salska in 2008 it was found that women with traditional views on the role of women in society are more disinclined to date short men.

What does this mean if you are a small man who prefers tall girls? How do you attract their attention? Shoe lifts are an answer to this problem. They are discreet, comfortable and adjustable. Simply put them in your shoes and feel the difference in height – height gain of up to 3 inches can be achieved through shoe lifts. Stack the layers to achieve the height gain you desire.