How to maximise height gain during puberty

Do you want to be taller? Do you want to be noticed more? Looking for a boost in confidence that being taller can bring about? Then you are in the right place. I will discuss in this short article methods that can be used to increase your height as you go through puberty. Unfortunately height gain after puberty can be difficult as the growth plates have already fused.

Some people believe that height is determined just by their genes and that they can never become taller. There is some truth in this in that your height is partially determined by genes. However through making certain lifestyle changes you can become taller. These lifestyle changes revolve around exercise and diet. By changing the way you eat and by stressing your body in the right way ,you can experience significant height increase.

  1. Exercise

When you are going through puberty exercise is vitally important. Exercise in a certain way and you can force your body to grow into a leaner and bigger version of you. Focus on high intensity interval training as this has been proven to increase human growth hormone in the body. This means for example sprinting as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then resting and then going again. Repeat this sequence for 8 repetitions. You are aiming to surpass the lactate threshold – this is when you feel that lactic burn in your muscles. The lactic burn signals to your body to produce extra human growth hormone. This human growth hormone will make you encourage muscle growth as well as height gain. Vary the interval training by practising it when you swim, do weights, run and cycle.

Also make sure to practice stretching. Basketball is a good sport to take up for height gain. Constantly reaching up to make the hoop is certainly a small contributing factor to basketball players being so tall. Hanging is another good way of stretching out. To hang simply position yourself under a pull up bar and then let yourself ‘hang’ from the bar. As you get stronger add a weight lifting belt in order to increase the stretch that you get from hanging from the bar.

  1. Diet

A diet rich in amino acids is highly important for height gain. Amino acids are the building blocks for vital hormones needed for height increase. Supplement with whey protein and eat plenty of meat such as fish, chicken and beef. Consuming dairy is also another good idea as it is rich in amino acids as well as IGF-1 which is a form on growth hormone. Those countries such as the Netherlands who consume a high dairy diet are taller than average. Be careful however with dairy if you are lactose intolerant.


These are the main ways that you can get taller and maximise your growth as you go through puberty. A way to get a quick boost in height whether you are going through puberty or have already finished puberty is to use height increasing insoles. Height increasing insoles are inserted into the shoe and make you appear taller. They are discreet and can be adjusted to your desired height. You can usually gain a quick 1.5 inches this way. This can go a long way to giving you a boost in confidence. You can buy height increasing insoles here on this website.

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