Many people who want to increase their height may train hard to try and increase their height with stretching and yoga exercises to do so. This may in fact actually be a complete waste of time and effort and may do little to increase your height. Height increasing exercises like yoga are good at making your muscles more flexible, improve your posture and decompress your spine but you will only be working on maximizing your height to its full potential not increasing it.
Your bones are solid structures and doing stretching exercises will not increase the length and size of the bones, but don’t get me wrong stretching is great to help with improving ones posture and in effect you will be less slouched and you will appear much taller.

However you will not be increasing your height! To increase your height further you must either be growing naturally or you can buy height increasing insoles to appear to other people much taller than you actually are.
Height increasing insoles also known as shoe lifts are a guaranteed way for increasing a person height straight away. To use height increasing insoles is simple, as they are like shoe inserts that you must insert at the bottom of your chosen shoes once you have placed the height increasing insoles into your shoes you are good to go and when you put your shoes on you will see that you will be much taller as if by magic!

The difference between training hard by doing stretching exercises and yoga and height increasing insoles is that wearing height increasing insoles requires no effort at all and the results are instant and permanent with exercise you must do it everyday and will take several months to see any results also you must keep up with the exercises even after you have increased your height to make sure that you do not shrink back to the size that you previously was.

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