4 Tips for Quick Height Gain for Adults

Adults often despair as they believe that height gain is impossible for them and only possible for teenagers. Many adults across the world are desperate to get taller. If you follow these tips you will be able to noticeably alter your appearance as well as gain height quickly and easily. Some people have reported gaining up to 7 inches in height just by following these tips alone.

1. Change what your wardrobe

What you wear and how you wear it can change how others perceive you. Pinstripes (vertical not horizontal stripes) make you look taller and can make you appear to be slimmer than you really are.

2. Change your shoes

Wear shoes with a slight heel to them. You can easily gain an easy inch doing this. Consider wearing height increasing insoles or ‘shoe lifts’ within your shoes as well for an additional 2 inch or more height gain. Bulkier shoes such as tennis shoes can make your feet look bigger thus enhancing the look.

3. Change your hair

If you are a man use hair gel to achieve the spiky hair look, this can gain you an extra inch in height.

4. Posture

Work on improving your posture to increase height. Some people report that after they started doing Yoga they gained up to 3 inches in height from improved posture. Don’t slouch your shoulders forward and look downwards instead keep your back straight, shoulders back and head held high to appear taller.


In conclusion following these tips some people can gain up to 7 inches in height. Most people will gain 4 inches. Imagine what difference 4 – 7 inches in height gained would mean for you. This isn’t a subtle change. You will be amazed by how people respond to you differently.

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