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Hollywood, show business and the secrets of celebrity height

Did you know that height increasing insoles are worn by all the major stars in show business. In show business everything is not as it would seem with certain celebrities appearing to be much taller than they would otherwise be. How is this so? What is their secret? Surgery can help to a certain degree in … Continue reading

Some of the hidden benefits of being tall

Some people are genetically never going to be tall. It is true that because of genetics some people will never be as tall as they want. If your parents are small chances are that you will end up being small too. Height is quite important now in the social lives many of us now live … Continue reading

Height increasing insoles or exercise to gain height?

Many people who want to increase their height may train hard to try and increase their height with stretching and yoga exercises to do so. This may in fact actually be a complete waste of time and effort and may do little to increase your height. Height increasing exercises like yoga are good at making … Continue reading

Leg length discrepancy correction using heel lifts

Leg length discrepancy or unequal leg length is a medical condition where the legs are different lengths. It is surprising to know that approximately 73% of people have one leg longer than the other. Thankfully the difference in leg length for most of us is so small so as not to be noticeable and doesn’t … Continue reading

New stock just arrived in time for Christmas!

You may have noticed certain lines on our website have been sold out. Now we are glad to announce that stock levels have been replenished just in time for the festive period. Now you can buy the perfect gift and have it arrive just in time for Christmas. Included in our new ranges are the … Continue reading

4 Tips for Quick Height Gain for Adults

Adults often despair as they believe that height gain is impossible for them and only possible for teenagers. Many adults across the world are desperate to get taller. If you follow these tips you will be able to noticeably alter your appearance as well as gain height quickly and easily. Some people have reported gaining … Continue reading

How to naturally increase human growth hormone levels for natural height gain.

Human Growth Hormone is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth and regeneration in humans. It is an important hormone that has an influence on how tall we are. Human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and many different factors are known to influence growth hormone production. Age, gender, diet, exercise and stress as … Continue reading

Walk taller today with height increasing insoles!

Sometimes in this image obsessed world we all need a little ‘boost’ to help us get noticed. Starting from today, now you can use the secret method of models, actors and CEO’s to gain an upper hand in life. Starting from today, you can purchase height increasing insoles, the easy, discreet and affordable way to … Continue reading

Foods that can help you grow tall!

Genetics for the most part determine how tall you are going to be however you can keep growing well into your early twenties. To grow to the maximum height allowed by your genetic potential it is advised that you follow a certain diet. In order to grow tall your bones need to lengthen, these bones … Continue reading

Gain confidence with height increasing insoles

Confidence is one of life’s big mysteries, some people have it in great abundance whilst others seem to be lacking in confidence. Lots of confidence certainly seems to make life easier and it makes it much more fun. Nevertheless there is one thing that we can all agree on: high confidence seems to be a … Continue reading