Leg length discrepancy correction using heel lifts

Leg length discrepancy or unequal leg length is a medical condition where the legs are different lengths. It is surprising to know that approximately 73% of people have one leg longer than the other. Thankfully the difference in leg length for most of us is so small so as not to be noticeable and doesn’t cause any real problems. However for those of us with clear, visible and extreme leg length discrepancy the result can be pain and twisted posture to compensate for the difference in leg lengths, as well as low confidence and self esteem.

A number of causes contribute to this condition and include bone breakage during the growth years, uneven growth, and disease shortening the muscle and connective tissue, surgically induced differences and or even compensation for other problems in the body such as pelvic tilt or scoliosis.

Our height increasing heel lift insoles are an excellent choice in the treatment of leg length discrepancy. Our silicone insoles are completely adjustable meaning you can adjust the size of the insole to correct the exact difference in leg lengths. Simply add and or remove layers. Cosmetically no one will know that you are wearing our heel lifts and your legs will appear to be the same length. Physiologically you will find back pain, knee pain and other pains are greatly reduced as posture is improved as you no longer have to over compensate for the different leg lengths. If you do choose to use heel lifts it is recommended that your doctor be involved in evaluating the need and monitoring results.

Heel lifts are surprisingly affordable and very comfy so if you do decide that heel lifts are right for you we recommend for this condition our silicone gel heel lifts that are completely adjustable to achieve the correct leg length that you need.