Air Cushion Height Increasing Insoles +2 Inches

Air Cushion Height Increasing Insoles +2 Inches


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Would You Like To Be 2 Inches Taller?

How would you feel if someone told you could be 2 or maybe even 4 inches taller? You would think that it was impossible right?
Well the impossible has been made possible with our air cushioned height increasing insoles!
No matter whether you are already tall or not as tall as you might want to be, then these shoe lifts can easily increase your height as soon as you put them on.

Why our height increasing insoles are better than elevator shoes

Elevator shoes are so expensive but now you can buy a alternative to elevator shoes for one tenth of the price! Unlike elevator shoes where you are stuck with one pair of shoes, our shoe lifts can be swapped between any of your shoes quickly and easily plus you can even adjust the insoles in size with their layers.

What you get

-You will receive a pair of height increasing gel insoles (one insoles for each of your feet)
-With these height increasing they are adjustable. With the clever layer design of the height increasing insoles you can choose how much taller you actually want to be. The first layer will increase your height by 3cm and the second layer will make you 2cm taller, if you combine both the two layers you will be 5cm (2inches) taller.
-By buying more layers you can increase your height even further than just 2 inches.
-The shoe lift insoles are invisible, the discrete design means that the insoles are hidden away at the bottom of your shoes so no one will know that you are even wearing heigh increasing insoles.
-Made out of durable and good quality material that will give good support to your heel and foot meaning these insoles are really comfortable and can be worn all day with no pain.
-The shoe lift insoles have also been made to be easily cleaned as well, you can simply bathe them by hand and dry them in the air quickly.
-These insoles have also been proven to help enhance blood flow to your feet.
-Due to the way in which these insoles have been made means that they have shock absorbing qualities which is good for reducing muscular aches and pains in your feet, not only that but the clever design also means that the pressure on your knees and back whilst you are standing or walking for long periods is also reduced.
-Can be fitted into any number of different shoe's and boots of any size easily.
-These insoles are for both men and women.

Payment and shipping information

If you order your height increasing insoles before 3pm Monday to Friday we shall dispatch the insoles to you that exact same day.
To buy your height increasing insole we accept Paypal only, this is because Paypal is one of the most secure, fast and reliable transaction services on the internet.

If you are not happy with your height increasing insoles we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

For whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your shoe lifts you can return the insoles to us within 30 days and we will refund your money plus any postage charges!
If you are returning any goods please use a signed for or registered service.

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Mens 6-10, Womens 2.5-6

1 review for Air Cushion Height Increasing Insoles +2 Inches

  1. Steven

    I’m 5 ft 6 and always been really self-conscious about my height Tried so many different methods to try to make myself taller but no matter what I tried nothing worked. One of my friends told me about these insoles… thought id at least gives them a go so decided to buy a pair. Really glad I did as they are brilliant, I am 2 inches taller and it has really had a positive impact on my life as I feel so much more confident and better about myself. Trust me if your paranoid about how tall you are and it is getting you down then buy these you wont regret it!

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