Gel Silicone Height Increasing shoe lift Insoles +1.5Inches

Gel Silicone Height Increasing shoe lift Insoles +1.5Inches


Using height increasing gel insoles is the only real guaranteed way to increase your height!

Loads of people worldwide use these great shoe lifts to make people think that they are tall including Models, Actors and Professional People!
It has been proven that taller people seem to have more self-confidence and are better at social situations as people tend to listen to tall people more!
So why not be tall and be noticed! It really couldn't be easier!

With these height increasing insoles you will get:

- 2 great quality height increasing insoles (one for your left foot and another for your right foot)
- The height increasing insoles are adjustable in height you get 5 layers so you can adjust the height and be as tall you want to be with ease. (each layer will increase your height by 7mm, by using all 5 layers you will increase your height by 35mm taller which is around about 1.5 inches taller!)
- Adjusting the layers to the height you want is easy and quick, you can also add more than 5 layers. If you want to increase your height even further you may want to buy an extra set of height increasing insoles and add the layers from that pair to your other pair resulting in a huge boost in height.
- Our height increasing insoles have been specially designed with orthotic qualities in mind meaning they are really comfy and can help prevent foot pain and problems in later life.
- Another real benefit to these shoe lifts is that they can also boost blood circulation to your feet.
- Designed by orthopaedics these shoe lifts can help to ease pressure on your knees and back while wearing them for long periods standing or walking too.
- No matter your shoe size or type of shoes you wear these insoles can fit into almost any kinds of shoes or boots easily and quickly.
- These height increasing insoles are designed for both men and women.

Payment and shipping information

We do same day dispatch on all our products if you order before 3pm from Monday to Friday. This is however not applicable for Sundays and bank holidays.

We accept only paypal, this is because paying through paypal is the most secure and fastest way to pay online.

30 day money back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your height increasing insoles you can return them to us in within 30 days in the state in which you received them in and we will refund you. Also we shall refund any postage costs as well. Please use a signed for or registered service from your post office when returning items.


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