Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic Insoles

Price: £10.99

Our orthotic insoles provide arch support for flat feet and supports and cushions the spur of your heel!

These orthotic insoles can fit easily into any shoe size as you easily cut your own size and simply place into your shoes.

The insoles are available in

* Men's size: UK 8-12; EU 41-46; US 8-12.

* Women's size: UK 3-8; EU 36-41; US 6-10.

These orthotic insoles can provide the best comfort when wearing any shoes even shoes that where previously uncomfortable and helps to spread pressure through out you entire heel and foot which prevents long term foot damage.

Features also including in these orthotic insoles are:

3/4 semi-rigid plastic shell adds comfort and support to the arch of your foot.
full length support insoles for flat feet can easily be cut to the size you want
Keep your feet smelling fresh, these orthotic insoles help to prevent foot odour with the active carbon fibre design.
Stomatal design
Help to improve your balance
Improves strength in your foot

What you get

2 insoles in a apir, (for your left and right feet) orthtic arch support insoles suitable for flat feet

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