The 3 step guide to getting taller

If you are searching for a way (or ways) to get taller then look no further you have found our website and rest assured by reading this you will find out how to get taller easily without much effort at all. No matter who you are, young, old, small or tall you can increase your height even more, (EVEN IF YOU HAVE STOPPED GROWING NATURALLY…)
We have written this guide to help you to increase your height and achieve more confidence and happiness!
Don’t settle for less… If you are not happy with your height then do something about it and get taller!

Okay enough with the promises its time to tell you more on how you can gain the height you want as easily as possible…

Firstly there are not that many ways to increase your height but nonetheless these height increasing ways have near different ways on approaching and doing them so knowing how to do the three fundamental height increasing methods is vital for success, plus doing it right is important as not to damage your body.

So what are these three fundamental methods for getting taller?

Height increase exercises

By doing exercises you can improve your posture, increase your height and better your well being all in one. But do remember that exercises wont actually make you grow any taller. For example growth is dependant on your genetics and if you have or have not stopped naturally growing. By doing exercises you actually help to improve your posture by strengthening your neck, and back muscles to help support your head, back and bone structure and also it will decompress the spine and will ensure that you are naturally fully stretched out and not hunched.
Improving your posture will mean you will be as tall as you can possibly be.

Here is a posture of some of the best stretching exercises that you can do to help improve your posture.

Doing these exercises as soon as you wake up is really beneficial as when you sleep your spine is at its most stretched out (and your at your tallest when you sleep). So it will mean your stretches will have a better effect.
Also it is good to do the exercises just before you go to bed… Doing this can release a small amount of growth hormone just before you sleep which could be beneficial in helping you grow a little bit taller.

The second fundamental height increase method is diet.

This is mainly for people who have not stopped naturally growing. A good diet and lifestyle will mean you have more of a chance of reaching the maximum height potential that you can possibly be with your genetics. Good food rich in vitamins and protein will encourage human growth hormone and will give you the fuel your body needs to grow. (remember your body needs something to use to actually grow taller)
Goods foods to eat include:


Thirdly and the most instant and easiest way to increase your height couldn’t be any more simple is wearing shoe lifts.
Shoe lifts can be bought online for around £9 and are really quite clever. Shoe lifts are like insoles that you insert in the bottom of your shoes out of sight, by just simply placing the insoles in your shoes you will see that you can increase your height by as much as 3 inches without any effort.
The discrete and hidden design of the shoe lifts mean that nobody will ever know you are wearing shoe lifts and you can fool people even more by slowly adjusting and adding to your height slowly week or month by month you can trick people into thinking you are growing taller naturally. To adjust your height with shoe lifts often when you buy a pair they may come with additional stacks that you stack together to add extra height.
The good thing about shoe lifts rather than any other product out there, is that they are relatively affordable, unlike elevator shoes that cost hundreds of pounds(you are even stuck with 1 pair of elevator shoes whereas with shoe lifts you can swap the insoles easily from your different shoes quickly).
Shoe lifts have been designed with orthotics in mind, meaning they are comfortable and work with your natural posture. Unlike regular insoles that are flat and can actually damage your feet and cause discomfort if worn for long periods, you can buy shoe lifts that have been molded in the shape of your feet, plus made out of gel, foam or rubber durable and firm materials that will mean that your heel and foot is well supported.
Some shoe lifts also come with a tapered design that will act as a shock absorber that will absorb any shock or energy that could cause damage to your foot when walking which will prevent foot problems and pain in later life as well.
Available in either half or full insoles shoe lifts offer a instant solution to increase your height…right away!

The importance of being tall in modern society

It is now more important than ever to be the most confident in not just your abilities but also your appearance, also to have other people’s respect.
Having authority and respect in the work place can be attributed to being taller. Research have concluded that there is a strong correlation between being tall and how much people respect you and listen to your opinions on making decisions.
Not only will you feel more confident if you are taller but you will also see that other will listen to you more and look up to you more.
Tall people are also stand out a lot more than smaller people, so you may find that people will even talk to you more in pubs and clubs because you are more noticeable than before.

If you want the best results combine all three methods I have suggested above to achieve the best results possible…and stand tall and confident.

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