What are heel lifts?

Heel lifts are often wedge shaped and are placed inside shoes. The function of heel lifts is adding elevation under either one or both of the feet.

The most common use of heel lifts is for therapy for leg length differences that can cause knee and back pain. Heel lifts can all so be used to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon if it has been damaged.
Heel lifts tend to be different to heel pads as they are not primarily designed to spread pressure throughout the heel or act as a shock absorber but actually are aimed at correcting balance and gait by raising your foot or feet. To do this correctly heel lifts must be made out of a material that is firm and cannot be compressed easily this will ensure that the wearer has a constant level of height and does not result in any discomfort or pain when wearing the lifts.

Heel lifts are quite similar to shoe lifts however there is a difference and usually heel lifts are prescribed to people by medical professionals to make sure the person is wearing the correct heel lifts whereas shoe lifts can be worn by anyone wanting to increase their height.

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Be sure not to get heel liftd and shoe lifts mixed up though here is a guide to whats what!