How height increasing insoles will make you look taller

Of course just about everybody wants to be that little bit taller… who in their right mind wouldn’t? If some one was to say to you that they had a way that anyone can “wear” that will make them instantly by as much as 3 inches taller requiring zero effort… would you believe them? Well at first when i was first heard about shoe lifts my first reactions where both confusion and a few giggles. I did not believe them, at first that is. It was only when I put the shoe lifts in my shoes and started wearing them that i began to see things at a different perspective (quite literally). Shoe lift’s work by giving you taller heels, not only that the height increase that you will gain from wearing them is noticeable, even more noticeable than actually growing naturally… this is because you grow so slowly we never actually notice our height. So when you put on the shoe lifts you maybe quite shocked at how tall you are. Actually if you want to know how it is with shoe lifts on a good example is too simply tip toe.

At this moment you may be either laughing and just thinking that these height increase insoles sound just like high heels and will be to noticeable and you will be laughed at if you wear them.. or you might be now thinking cool where can i buy some of these… If your the guy who is laughing at the moment let me tell you that they are nothing like high heels these height increasing insoles are in fact so discrete they are invisible to everybody (this is because you place them actually inside your shoes), and to stop people wondering how on earth you grew 3 inches over night using the adjustable feature that can be found on most shoe lifts you can pretty much mimic natural growth over a period of time simply by adding to your height by adjusting the size of the heel on the lifts.
Another difference between these and high heels is that high heels could actually prove to damage your feet if you wear them for long periods and can be quite uncomfortable, but with our shoe lifts you see you can wear them all day long with non of this. Why? This is down to the fact that shoe lifts have in built orthotics and arch support which supports your foot in its natural position. Also you can buy shoe lifts in a range of different materials like silicone gel which will actually act as a shock absorber which absorbs and shock that may cause damage to your feet. I bet i have change your mind now haven’t i? If not listen up, as you shoe lifts re the only way you will be able to grow taller that doesn’t require tons of effort, zero effort is required actually… apart from putting them in your shoes but that so simple and easy lets not count that shall we.
For many years now a list stars have been taking advantage of shoe lifts to boost their height… but these insoles don’t have a celebrity price tag in fact you can get a pair for under £10.

When you stop growing naturally the truth is that there really isn’t much you can do about getting taller, apart from exercise what other options have you got? Exercise works by improving your posture. But what happens if you already have good posture? Also remember that you must keep up these exercises long term to ensure your posture stays good or else you may find you could actually shrink back to your old height.
Stretching and height exercises can take along time to see results. plus it is totally dependent on your genetics. Im not saying you shouldn’t do height increase posture exercises YOU SHOULD! Here’s a idea how about doing height exercises and wearing shoe lifts as well that way you will have the best of both world!

Now I bet your not laughing anymore.

Shoe lifts can be bought for both men and women. Try them for yourself… you wont regret it.

We are often asked: “what is the difference?” and “which do you recommend?”

Firstly the heel lifts that we sell are made of gel silicone. They consist of only a heel and fit snugly inside your shoe. The advantage of our heel lifts is that they are extremely precise in there addition of height. Simply stack and/or remove layers to achieve the height gain you desire. The heel lifts are cheaper and fit all shoe sizes and are suitable for everyone. For conditions such as leg length discrepancy – where one leg is shorter than the other – we recommend the sue of heel lifts due to the precise way in which they increase height. By carefully stacking the layers you can correct they discrepancy discreetly and accurately. Best of all – heel lifts are extremely comfy due to the gel silicone material it is made out of. The gel moulds to your feet and absorbs shocks from everyday walking on hard surfaces.

Height Increasing Insoles are different to the gel heel lifts in that they consist of the whole insole as opposed to just a heel. Some people report that they can be more comfortable because the heel is lifted more gently. However height increasing insoles are best suited to boots, heel lifts can be worn in shoes. This is because there is more space inside of a boot than a shoe. Height increasing insoles can only be used in shoes specific to its size, however our height increasing insoles are adjustable in this aspect as you can cut them down to size.

In conclusion – it mostly comes down to personal preference. They both achieve the same goal which is increasing heights. We sell both types here and recommend both. I hope you have enjoyed this article – please leave comments if you have any questions and we will be glad to help you.