What is the difference between shoe lifts and height increasing insoles?

We are often asked: “what is the difference?” and “which do you recommend?”

In this article we will address this question.

Firstly the heel lifts that we sell are made of gel silicone. They consist of only a heel and fit snugly inside your shoe. The advantage of our heel lifts is that they are extremely precise in there addition of height. Simply stack and/or remove layers to achieve the height gain you desire. The heel lifts are cheaper and fit all shoe sizes and are suitable for everyone. For conditions such as leg length discrepancy – where one leg is shorter than the other – we recommend the sue of heel lifts due to the precise way in which they increase height. By carefully stacking the layers you can correct they discrepancy discreetly and accurately. Best of all – heel lifts are extremely comfy due to the gel silicone material it is made out of. The gel moulds to your feet and absorbs shocks from everyday walking on hard surfaces.

Height Increasing Insoles are different to the gel heel lifts in that they consist of the whole insole as opposed to just a heel. Some people report that they can be more comfortable because the heel is lifted more gently. However height increasing insoles are best suited to boots, heel lifts can be worn in shoes. This is because there is more space inside of a boot than a shoe. Height increasing insoles can only be used in shoes specific to its size, however our height increasing insoles are adjustable in this aspect as you can cut them down to size.

In conclusion – it mostly comes down to personal preference. They both achieve the same goal which is increasing heights. We sell both types here and recommend both. I hope you have enjoyed this article – please leave comments if you have any questions and we will be glad to help you.